Newsletter - Summer 2013

Welcome to our summer newsletter

The Government has announced a new scheme for tax free childcare for working families. In our lead article we consider the proposal on offer and the circumstances when the new scheme will be available.

Many owner managers provide personal guarantees to institutions for loans made to their companies.  We report on a tribunal decision which considered whether tax relief is available when the guarantee has to be honoured.

We also report on the issue of overdrawn directors’ current accounts and the changes to the rules announced in the Budget. It is important to ensure these overdrawn amounts are cleared properly.

With Real Time Information procedures now in force for the majority of employers, our article looks at what happens if an employer fails to meet their obligations to file a return or pay on time.

Along with news on the restructuring of the State Pension, the introduction of Charities Online and an article on how to make the most of benefits for directors and employees, we are sure you will find something of interest.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding any of the articles we have included in our newsletter or if you would like further information on a topic we have not covered. Your views are always important to us and we would welcome your feedback.

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